Summer Is the Ideal Time for Roof Repairs and New Roof Installation!

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May 9, 2020
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Summer Storms and Roof Damages
July 10, 2020
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Summer Is the Ideal Time for Roof Repairs and New Roof Installation!

Roofer installing new roof

Park City has beautiful weather this time of year, and after a harsh winter, now is the perfect time to repair your roof! Snow, ice, and severe weather can cause significant damages to the structure of your homes roof. From missing shingles to gutter damages, and major leaks, the damages can be endless. Once the weather turns warmer, you should hire a certified roofer to administer a roof inspection. This inspection is usually free of charge. The roofers will check all areas of your roof for any damages.

Roof Repairs

Many times, the damages are minor and can be easily repaired. Missing shingles or minor damages to your gutters can be repaired before any major damages occur. Roof damages can cause water damages inside your home. With water damages, come mold growth and structural damages. To stop this from happening, it is best to repair any minor roof problems as soon as possible.

Roof Installation

If you have had your roof for a long time or have noticed you need repairs each year, it may be time for a new roof. New roof installation scares many, as it can be pricey, but with so many options, roofs are more affordable than you realize. From solar panels to basic shingles, Park City Roofing has a roofing solution for all your home roofing needs. We work with our clients to make certain they get the roof they want while staying within their budget.

Your roof is a key component of your home. Your roof protects the interior of your home and your family from the harsh elements. It is no surprise that over time it needs repairs or general maintenance. It is worth a simple roof inspection to ensure your home and family are safe!

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