Roof Snow Removal

Park City Roofer – Roof Snow Removal, Roof Snow Shoveling & Ice Dam Removal

Roof Snow Removal

Park City Roofing provides complete roof snow removal services for Park City. Our certified roofing specialist offers roof snow shoveling, roof snow removal, and ice dam removal for both residential and commercial properties. Heavy snow and ice can cause devastating damages to the structure of your roof, leading to leaks and mold. Your roof provides shelter from the rain, ice, snow, and the sun. If your roof becomes damaged, it can lead to major roof leaks, which can, in turn, cause rot and mold to form.

Snow is being removed from a roof with a shovel after a heavy snowfall in Park City, Utah

Roof Snow Shoveling

Park City is known for the harsh winters, but are you prepared for heavy snowfalls? Most people believe they are prepared for heavy snows, but they forget to check their roof consistently. Snow and ice can be extremely heavy. Heavy snow and ice can cause damages to the structures of your roof and gutters. These damages can result in leaks, rot, and eventually mold. Park City Roofing provides certified and insured roof snow removal for your home or business. Our team will provide roof shoveling to ensure the protection and integrity of your roof.

Ice Dams and Roof Leaks

Ice dams often cause leaking roofs during the winter. Ice dams are big sheets of ice that frequently form on the edges of your roof. Water melts and then refreezes, causing a massive build-up of ice. With a large ice barrier, the melted snow and ice have nowhere to go, so it begins to leak into your home through roof leaks. These leaks can also run into your walls and cause significant damages. If you notice ice on your roof, you must call an experienced ice dam removal specialist, such as Park City Roofing. Our team has years of experience in the safe removal of ice dams from your Park City home or business.