Roof and Structural Damages During The Winter Months

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December 27, 2021
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Roof and Structural Damages During The Winter Months

House with snow on the roof in winter

Roofs protect you and your family from storms, ice, snow, wind, and even the sun. Over time, our roofs become weakened, and damages can occur. Newer roofs are less likely to become damaged during the winter months, but an older roof is at greater risk. Roofs are not just a bunch of shingles, as many may believe. Your roof has other parts that hold the shingles, and this structure is also what connects your gutters to the side of your roof. If your structure becomes damaged, the roof is in great danger of significant problems.

As we all know, Park City receives a lot of snow, and while that snow is beautiful and great for skiing, it is dangerous for our roofs. Snow buildup can become extremely heavy, and the extra weight can cause the roof’s structure to shift. If this occurs, it can cause gutters and shingles to become detached. This can be extremely dangerous, as snow and ice are able to enter your home. This can cause even more damages to the structure, resulting in rot and possible water damages to your property. Mold can also be common if the water damages are left for too long.

If your roof has excess snow and has not been cleaned recently, it is best to call a roofing company that provides snow removal. Snow removal can be very dangerous if ice and snow are abundant. Injuries and damages can occur if the person is not trained or does not have the proper equipment. Park City Roofing provides expert snow and ice removal from roofs around Park City. Take the time to check on your roof throughout the winter. This small task can help save you from structural damages from ice and snow!

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