Snow Removal and Roof Inspections – End Of Winter Necessities

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January 20, 2022
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Snow Removal and Roof Inspections – End Of Winter Necessities

Roof covered in snow

The end of winter is near, and now is a crucial time for the structure of your roof. Your roof has withstood the brunt of the harsh Winter weather, and now is an excellent time to have snow removed from your roof and an inspection completed. You may think you should wait until the Spring, but the extra weight of snow and ice on your roof can prove detrimental to your property.

Snow Removal

Park City has harsh Winters, but that doesn’t mean your roof is built to withstand copious amounts of snow and ice buildup for extended periods of time. It is best to have the snow removed by a professional roofing company such as Park City Roofing. Our team has the skillset, knowledge, and tools to safely remove snow, ice, and ice dams from your roof, ensuring it stays damage-free from the weight. Snow and ice can weigh a lot, and if left, they can severely damage the entire structure of your roof, causing expensive repairs.

Roof Inspections

If a roofing company is removing the snow and ice from your roof, they will be able also to provide a roof inspection. People think that roofers do not work in the Winter months, but this is far from the truth. We provide snow removal, inspections, and repairs during the Winter months. A roof inspection immediately after the snow has been removed is perfect. The removal will uncover any missing or loose shingles, as well as any issues with your gutters or structure.
Now is an excellent time if you have not had any ice or snow removed from your roof. Snow removal and a roof inspection all on the same day may sound too good to be true, but Park City Roofing makes it happen for our dedicated clients.

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