Melting Snow Can Cause Major Roof Damages

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March 3, 2020
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May 9, 2020
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Melting Snow Can Cause Major Roof Damages

Snow covered roof with damages

Melting snow is always a welcoming sign after a harsh Park City winter. It means, it is finally Spring and the warmer weather is here to stay. Unfortunately, with all the excitement, many forget to check a few simple things around their homes. After the snowfall has melted from your roof, it is essential that you check your roof for any damages. Snow and ice are heavy and can cause significant damages to your roof and gutters.

Roof Damages

The most widespread type of roof damage is broken or missing shingles. This is a simple repair that should be completed as soon as possible. Missing or damaged shingles can cause water to leak into your roof, through your attic, and into the ceiling of your home. Once this happens, you will experience structural rot and possibly mold from the water damages. The next type of roof damage is a lot more challenging to repair and can be costly. If the weight of the snow and ice caused structural damages, those would need to be repaired, as they can allow the elements to enter into your home and create more damages.

Gutter Damages

Gutters are not just on your roof for aesthetics purposes. Gutters actually serve a purpose. They keep water from backing up and entering your home. During the winter, it is common for your gutters to become clogged with ice and debris. When this happens, water becomes trapped and has nowhere to go, except inside your home. Once the snow has melted, look at your gutters. You will likely need to have them cleaned, so they drain properly.

If your roof or gutters are damaged, you will need a certified roofing company such as Park City Roofing. Our team has decades of experience in roofing and gutter work. We ill ensure your roof and gutters are working as they should and that no water enters your home!

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