Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

House covered in thick snow
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February 9, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

Neighborhood after a snowstorm

Winter weather can cause extreme damages to your property, especially your roof. From the weight of the snow to ice dams and water damage, your roof can take a pounding during the Winter months. Luckily, Park City Roofing provides essential services that can help to protect your roof from significant damages. Below, we will discuss a few ways to keep your roof and property safe!

Frequent Roof Checks

Snow can become heavy and cause severe structural damages to your home’s roof. If you have had a major snowstorm, it is important to check the status of your roof. Your roof is meant to endure a lot of weight, but if you leave the snow for several weeks, it only gets more substantial with each snow. Snow can damage the structure and cause extensive water damages. If your roof has a lot of snow covering, it is best to call a professional such as Park City Roofing.

Professional Snow Removal

Removing snow from your roof can be extremely dangerous. Not only can you become injured while removing snow, but you can injure others within the vicinity of your roof. To safeguard yourself and your family, call a certified and insured professional snow removal company. They have the proper tools and knowledge to ensure the snow is safely removed from your roof.

Ice Dam Removal

With snowstorms, comes ice. Ice dams form as the ice melts and refreezes. The water becomes trapped as the ice dam grows larger. When this occurs, it can cause water to leak into your roof, gutters, and even the sides of your home. If you see ice or snow on your roof, contact an ice dam removal company, such as Park City Roofing. They will be able to remove the large ice dam from your roof and ensure your roof still has its integrity!

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