Ice Dams and The Resulting Damages To Your Roof

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November 30, 2020
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January 22, 2021
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Ice Dams and The Resulting Damages To Your Roof

Ice Dam on the Roof of a Home

Ice dams are a widespread occurrence during the winter. Ice dams are blocks of ice that form on your roof typically towards the edges at the gutters. This buildup of ice can cause significant damages. From water to structural damages and personal safety risks ice dams are very dangerous. Below, Park City Roofing will discuss ice dams and when you should call a professional roofer for removal.

What is an Ice Dam?

As we stated above, ice dams are large accumulations of ice that form on your roof. Ice dams form over time, as water freezes, melts, and then freezes again. This cycle is repeated until you have a massive layer of ice with water trapped. The trapped water has nowhere to go, and it will slowly seep into your roof or the seams near your gutters.

Ice dams are hefty and can cause significant water damages and structural problems with your roof. Water can leak into your attic or sides of your walls without you noticing. This will cause water damages and eventual mold growth if not removed.

If you have an ice dam on your roof, it is crucial that you call a licensed roofing company like Park City Roofing. A certified roofer will be able to safely remove the ice dam from your roof and repair any damages that may have occurred. Ice dams can be unsafe, which is why you should never attempt to remove one. A certified roofer will have the proper tools and equipment to remove the ice dam safely. They will cut the ice dam into pieces to ensure safety for everyone in the area.

If you have an ice dam or other roofing problem this winter, give Park City Roofing a call. We handle all types of roofing repairs for both residential and commercial properties in the area!

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