Snow, Ice, and the Dangers They Pose to Your Roof!

Ice Dam on the Roof of a Home
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December 16, 2020
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February 15, 2021
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Snow, Ice, and the Dangers They Pose to Your Roof!

Snow on roof of mountain home

Winter is finally picking up so snow and ice are rapidly approaching! Ice and snow are heavy and can result in damages to your roof due not only to their weight but also the freezing/ thawing and any damages that may already be present. Your roofs structure is the first line of defense against the winter elements. It protects your property from moisture and water damages but over time, your roof can begin to wear down. This can result from your roof being older or the fact that there is too much weight for your roof structure. If the structure of your roof becomes compromised, it will not only lead to leaks but could lead to major structural damages.


While an average snowstorm will not leave your roof damages, it could be the start of roof damages. As more snow piles onto your roof, it will become heavier, leading to a break down of the roof and gutters. If this occurs, you could suffer from leaks in your attic and eventually your roof. These leaks could lead to mold growth and major water damages. If your roof has snow buildup, call a professional roofer or snow removal company to remove any snow from your roof safely.

Ice and Ice Dams

Ice can be very heavy, and massive sheets of ice can form. When this occurs, ice dams are likely. Ice dams are one of the leading causes of water leaks on your roof. If you have ice on your roof or gutters, it is crucial that you call a professional who knows how to remove ice from your roof. As the ice sits on your roof, it will continue to cause water and structural damages. Winter weather can be severe, but luckily, Park City Roofing is here for all your winter roof repair needs!

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