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Roof Repairs and Winter Damages
April 25, 2022
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June 14, 2022
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5 Common Roof Repairs

Damaged asphalt roof shingle

Roofs are built strong and meant to withstand harsh climates. However, over time your roof will need to be repaired. From missing shingles to damaged gutters, roof repairs can vary. Below, Park City Roofing will discuss five common roof repairs that we see each year.

Hail Damage

One of the more common types of roof repairs we see is damage from hail. Hail damage can damage the shingles on your roof. Once this occurs, UV rays from the sun can fully deteriorate your shingles. This can lead to leaks in your home. If your roof is subjected to hail, it is vital that you have a roofing company check your roof for hail damages.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters can become damaged after a harsh winter. If a gutter becomes clogged and filled with ice, it can separate from your roof, leaving the seam weakened and subjected to water damage. Water can leak into the walls of your home if gutters are not repaired.

Shingle Replacement

Shingles can become damaged from wind, hail, ice, and even the sun. If you are missing shingles, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Missing shingles allow water to enter your roof, attic, and eventually your ceiling.

Damaged Roof Vents

Roof vents are generally made of plastic. Your roof vents can crack from the winter weather. Roof vents need to be replaced if they are cracked, as it can lead to other structural problems and leaks.

Damaged Chimney Cricket

Your chimney cricket redirects water and debris into your gutters and away from your roof. If your chimney cricket is damaged, it can cause water to pool, which can lead to water damage and mold growth.

Roof inspections can easily find any damage to your roof. If your roof has not been inspected, contact your local roofing company. Roof inspections can save you a lot of money by catching damages quickly before they spiral out of hand.

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