Do You Have Ice and Snow on Your Roof? It May Be Time to Call A Roofer

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Do You Have Ice and Snow on Your Roof? It May Be Time to Call A Roofer

Large icicles hanging from a house roof

Snow and ice on your roof are commonplace during the Winter, but there are some instances when you should call a roofer to remove the snow and ice and to check for any damages. Below, Park City Roofing will discuss when it is time to call a certified roofer for snow and ice removal.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a regular part of the Winter, but if your ice dam stays on your roof for too long, it can begin to leak into your attic and the sides of your wall. This can cause extensive damages to your home. Ice dams form as water melts and refreezes, causing a large sheet of ice to form and block and water from falling from your roof. Ice dams can not only damage the structure of your roof and cause water damages, but they can also result in injury. Ice dams are heavy sheets of ice that could fall from your roof, damage your car, or hurt an innocent bystander. Ice dams should always be removed by a professional. A roofer can safely remove the ice dam and check for any damages it may have caused.


Heavy snowstorms can leave your property looking like a winter wonderland, but they can also cause trouble for your roof’s structure! Your roof is constructed to withstand the elements, but snow and ice can become heavy. The excess weight can not only break and damage shingles, but it can also damage the actual structure of your roof and gutters. If this transpires, you could end up with a lot of water damages.

Hiring a roofer to remove the snow and ice from your roof safely could save you from a lot of damages. If you have ice or snow on your roof, contact a roofer today! They can remove the ice and snow safely and repair any damages that may have occurred.

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