Gutters and The Integrity of Your Roof!

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Gutters and The Integrity of Your Roof!

Man cleaning leaves and debris from residential gutter

Roofing is comprised of more than just your roof’s shingles. A roof has many parts, including the structure, vents, and gutters. All parts of your roof serve a purpose, but today we will be talking about the importance of your gutters and how they can affect the integrity of your roof.

The Importance Of Gutters?

Gutters serve an essential role in the well-being of your roof. Gutters are responsible for taking rainwater and snowmelt and channeling it from your roof through a downspout, which exits away from your home. If your gutters become clogged with debris like leaves, it can cause the water to backflow. When this occurs, water can enter the sides of your roof and cause water damages to the interior and exterior of your home.

If water sits in your gutters for too long, it will cause rot and other structural damages to your roofing system. If this occurs, it can cause roof integrity problems. Your roof should remain in good shape for years, as long as the proper maintenance is completed on your gutters and shingles. Water or snow that sits for too long in certain areas of your roof can cause rot, rust, and other types of roof damages.

It is important to have your roof’s gutters cleaned regularly. It is also important to have any damages to your gutter repaired as soon as possible by a licensed roofing company. Damaged gutters can cause leaks and major water damage to your roof structure, attic, and other home areas. If your downspouts are damaged, it can cause water to leak into your basement, causing water damages and possible mod growth. It is best to check your gutters, downspouts, and roof often for any damages. A minor repair can turn into significant damages if not handled in a prompt manner.

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